Friday, August 06, 2004

Token Opposition

Well, the Illinois Republicans had to look outside the state of Illinois to find an African-American to offer up as a scrificial lamb on the temple of OBAMA! I think I'll begin to present Barack Obama's name in the future - both in print and speech -as simply: OBAMA! It reminds me of the movie 'SARAFINA!' Hopefully, OBAMA! won't be as easily forgotten.

By the way, how cool is the Internet Movie Database? I did a search for Cleavon Little earlier in the week while watching 'Blazing Saddles'. I was actually searching for an obscure western actor who is mentioned in 'Blazing Saddles'. It was a bit disconcerting that 'Blazing Saddles' had been stripped down for presentation on the ABC Family Channel. Should this really be shown on a 'family' channel? Why ruin it for everyone?

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