Thursday, September 09, 2004

Already missing Booker

Ho hum, as the NFL season is set to begin, the Bears chances of making the playoffs is on my mind. The defense should be fine, especially when you consider that Lovie Smith's Rams defense last year ranked just two spots behind the Bears D at the end of the season. Hmmm. Unfortunately, you STILL can't be sure about the offense. With a young, unproven QB, a bunch of young receivers, and a running back who was a wash with two other teams, I'm really concerned about the loss of Marty Booker. I'm more interested this year, though. The White Sox have been maddening since the last week of July, when I may have witnessed the turning point as they lost to the Twins. They haven't been mathematically eliminated yet, which is like a passenger on the Titanic feeling good to have a life vest.

Well, we'll see.

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