Wednesday, September 08, 2004

London Bridge is fine

Despite the consistent attempts by the fourth grade propaganda machine to convince me that London Bridge was deteriorating, I never believed it. Now, I have proof. I may even post a picture. My wife and I split 10 days between London and Paris during August, and a wonderful time was had by...well, both of us. We did lots of touristy stuff, and, unfortunately spent a few hundred dollars on souvenirs. It's probably a good sign, though. We have lots of family and friends to spend on.

Now, don't go thinking that we have lots of money to spend. We returned with gifts, yes, but also the credit card bills that went with them. In fact, the trip was a prize my wife won by being an avid listener to Chicago's Country Music radio station, US99. I have become somewhat enamored of country music as a result.

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