Monday, September 13, 2004

What do YOU think?

The following, from the So-Called "Austin Mayor" pretty much sums up my thoughts about listening to uninformed opinions:
...I don't listen to talk radio. This is why, although I hate Tavis Smiley's show, I don't miss "Talk of the Nation." I just don't care what "Joe six-pack" thinks.

Every day I commute with hundreds of examples of "the man on the street." If I cared what they thought, I would ask them. I don't ask because I don't care.

Regardless of the subject, I want to hear from people who either, 1) know more about the subject than I do, 2) have thought more about the subject than I have, or 3) are just smarter than I am. I guess I just don't see much value in non-expert opinions.

We seem to encourage every blowhard to speak their mind, when little substance exists behind their opinions. I even have a hard time listening to morning FM radio shows because of this. Can you play some more music? Thanks.

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