Thursday, October 14, 2004

I'm surrounded by crazy people

Really, I am. Everywhere I go I'm constantly running in to people who seem to be without a clue. I'm becoming worried about this situation. It reminds me of this guy I worked with who was fired from three consecutive jobs. He felt that he had been the victim in those instances. I worked with the guy, and I can tell you this: he was not stable. So, I began to what point would he begin to think that the problem was him and not everyone else? Could he ever come to this realization? Probably not. Self analysis is just too much to ask. So, this leads me to some of my own self-analysis. If I'm running into people EVERYWHERE who have no clue, maybe I'm the one who doesn't get it and this blissfully unaware thing is the way to go. I need to be more like Reese on _Malcolm in the Middle_, and just turn off my brain for a few hours. The world itself becomes a sensory deprevation tank. Ah, there we go...

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