Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Family Fun

Easter was nice overall, although my mother was very frustrating. We went to church where my mother was "commissioned" by the church for her trip to Africa. She leaves tomorrow night to fly to Durban, South Africa by way of London. She'll be volunteering in a HIV hospice in Durban for the month of April. She has written about it on her blog.

After April, she's going to visit my sister in Botswana for about 10 days, and then she flies back here. Anyway, her church pledged their support, and they bought her a digital camera. They had a quick ceremony during the worship service to present the camera to her and officially commission her. Of course, my mother initiated the volunteer opportunity all this by herself, but the church is very supportive.

After the service, my mother asked me to set up the camera, which I did. I took a couple of pictures, just messing around. She asked me to take some more, and I suggested that she do it herself to get acquainted with it. She refused claiming to be "tired". Now, how can you be too tired to push one freaking button? It really annoyed me. It just seemed like a very flat excuse, especially when you consider that she was planning to leave church and go to Walgreen's to do some last-minute shopping and she wanted to go to a restaurant for lunch.

Interacting with my mother surrounding technology is typically like this. She refuses to put forth any effort to figure things out on her own, and of course, I insist that a person with a Bachelor of Science degree from an Ivy League institution can figure out a few things on her own. (My mother has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania.)

She's a very intelligent woman who has handled some difficult life situations like raising four children after her husband died. (Our ages at the time of his death: 12, 6, 4, and 3). She has a great memory and easily assimilates scientific information.

She reads this blog, so I hope she can take into consideration that my frustration is borne from my respect for her (occasionally) untapped abilities. I Love you, Mom.

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