Friday, March 18, 2005

Not Quite MIA

Almost every day last week I was home in bed, sick. At one point, my temp was 102 and I was constantly shivering. My brother finally posted again on his blog, and I just realized that it's been a couple of weeks since I posted here. I've been letting things pile up. I've been sitting on a couple of posts for over a month because they were loosely related and I wanted to better organize the thoughts. I started another blog for more personal reflections, and I haven't posted on that since January. I've got to get back in the game here. Eventually, I plan to share the other blog, but I'm not to a point with it to do that; at least, not yet.

The last modification that I made to this site was to include a more organized blog roll on the right side. I've been using as a tool to monitor the blogs and sites that I read regularly. The service highlights the blogs and sites that have been modified since I last read them, including a number to indicate how many posts have been made. It's a pretty useful way of quickly checking any number of sites at once. I had found myself checking a bunch of blogs that were not being updated (like my brother's and my wife's, for example). I looked into another service:, but it wasn't much different from The cool thing, technologically speaking, is that adding a little code to the template of this site allows me to manage the links on this site from the interface. Also, you can check out the my public links on the site.

On an unrelated note, I have a new job. What's really interesting is that I had been working at this place since the beginning of May 2004, although I was working as a contractor. This past Monday, March 14th was my first day as an employee here. I've been looking for a job since December with barely any response to my submitted resumes. Actually being hired is quite a relief.

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