Wednesday, April 06, 2005

More Name Games

Since we bought TiVo, I've found myself recording shows that I probably wouldn't watch otherwise. I tend to watch them when there's some free time, and I just want to lay in bed and veg. Also, I usually forget about when shows air, and TiVo is a nice safety valve that catches the stuff I would normally want to watch. I've been regularly watching Arrested Development, which seems to get crazier each week, and Scrubs has me watching each week. The first season of Scrubs comes out in May, and I think I'm going to buy it. I'm usually not one to buy DVDs since I expect the format will be dead within the next 5-7 years. DVDs will probably be replaced with Holographic Memory in the long term, and definitely by HD-DVD in the short term.

Anyway, not long after we bought the TiVo, I decided to record Carnivale on HBO, and I found myself getting addicted. I recorded four or five episodes before I watched any, but then I quickly caught up, and hated waiting for the next week's episode. I thought that this was the second season, but I wasn't sure. I just went to the HBO web site and learned that they have the season one DVDs for sale. I may need to pick them up.

The Name Game reference alludes to a strange thing that I noticed after watching the last episode of this season: the name Michael Davis in the credits. This Michael Davis was the "Transportation Coordinator" for the show. Interesting. Check out this really cool graphical representation of name popularity over the last century. One site I found with a Google search had the name Michael as the fourth most popular, and the last name, Davis, as the sixth most popular. I couldn't find anything showing occurrence rate of name combinations, though. I'd guess that John Smith is probably occurs most often.

When I was looking to register a domain name, I found that the city of Davis, California had registered, but now someone else has it. An architect had registered.

The first time I remembering hearing my name used in reference to someone else was a juggler on Saturday Night Live. That Michael Davis was a pretty funny guy.

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