Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Blame the Victim

Yesterday, I parked the car near an industrial area not too far from downtown Chicago. I've been parking in this area for more than a year. Last night, instead of going to pick up the car right after work, as I normally would, I went to my brother's place. When I got back to the car, someone had broken into the car. Literally, they BROKE into the car. The passenger window was smashed.

So, what did this person get? They got some cheap sunglasses that had a corner melted, a couple cell phone chargers, a trash bag that hangs on the back of the seat, and the real take: a little air compressor. In all, maybe $50 worth of stuff.

It's not the stuff that concerns me, it's the cost to fix the window. Also, the idiot managed to mangle the emergency brake so that it won't stay locked. They left some change behind, and left some CDs on one of those CD visors. Oh, and when they stole the little trash bag, they emptied the stuff in the back seat: a wonderful collection of breakfast bar wrappers.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your insurance company will pay for the window 100%. Heck they will even come out and do it at your house. (Ok not your house since you live in the ghetto with crack dealers outside your front door). But normal places they will come out and fix it.

And if you leave anything in sight someone will steal it. Even your garbage. Lesson learned I guess.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Michael M. Davis said...

Yeah, I know the insurance company will pay, but it's still a hassle.

I got the window fixed yesterday, and it cost $85. It's not too bad. One place I called wanted $240.


$85 vs $240...

2:18 PM