Saturday, April 12, 2008


Looking at site stats is always interesting. I like to see the searches that bring people to this blog, and I usually end up doing some searching of my own. I was a little surprised to see a search bring up this New York Times article.

I also found another interesting blog: Dallas Progress

Can you guess what the search was?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

well my friend living in west garfield park.. pretty soon race just won't be an issue the world is turning more brown in color every single day... question what made you move to west garfield park? trying to beat the crowd? good investment? just curious is all? and by all means do go inside the conservatory is't a wonderful place... west garfield's best kept secret... a( a real secret to mot west garfield park residents for sure:)

12:56 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Are you still living in West Garfield Park? I am looking to buy a house there and from what I have seen on the internet WGP doesn't seem to be the safest place. Do you have a different opinion? Or would you suggest to stay away from that area? Our realtor won't give any answers, could you please give some account since to have lived there?

9:44 PM