Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Everyone's Blogging

I started this blog about 5 months ago, and now, it seems, a number of my friends and family are getting into the game. I got an email yesterday from my sister, who just moved to Africa with the U.S. State Department, and she started a blog a couple of months ago. In fact, her first post was the day after my birthday, during the last week of November. Her blog is Theresa's Overseas Musings.

A good friend, Chris, finally started a blog to augment the numerous emails that he was sending out to his family and friends. Check out Chris's blog, titled: Agree to Disagree .

My wife just started a blog a few days ago. Her blog is Southern Chick's View, and I look forward to reading her thoughts since she doesn't tell me anything. Just kidding.

The great thing about all these blogs is that we never have to talk again. We can just dump our thoughts into our blogs, and the "conversation" occurs at our leisure.

Another blog that I've been reading consistently is The Story of Why. It's written by a white women living in the West Garfield Park neighborhood, and conveys some very personal history. I think I may have seen her on the El one evening, when coming home from work. Now, for any readers not in the know, West Garfield Park is truly the "West Side" of Chicago. It's a predominantly-black low- to middle-income community, with the emphasis on low. I'm pretty sure that I can count the number of white residents on one hand, and that includes me and my mother. So, I'm pretty sure that it was her. Anyway, I should probably blog more about living in the area. Interesting stuff.

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Blogger History is Fun said...

Man--you hit the nail on the hand when you said that your wife never talks to you! I can totally relate! So I created my own blog to converse with you--my favorite older brother! So I can put away the cell phone--and get rid of the car too!

Talk to you soon (or write to you soon!).

10:15 PM  
Blogger Michael M. Davis said...

Oh...I'm getting all teary-eyed. This was my first comment. I feel loved. After just five months of writing this, someone was moved to comment. Wait, let me just bask in the glow.

2:57 PM