Thursday, March 03, 2005

Technical Difficulties

This post just proves my point. I wrote a post about some problems I was having with the Blogger interface, and apparently, it doesn't like criticism. When I clicked on the "Publish Post" button, the post disappeared, like it pissed off the mob or something.

A friend who just started a blog asked me how to add a blog roll to his site, and I sent him some information. Since I've messed around with some of the blog template code on another site, I was familiar with the Blogger Help, which is a pretty good resource with some interesting ideas to enhance blogs. One of the ideas that I've implemented on this site is the expandable comment section, which allows the reader to "unhide" and "hide" the comments section for each post. So, if you're reading a post with comments -- the two or three posts that have been commented on -- you can view and read the comments, hide them again, and move on. Of course, I don't post so much that people are reading multiple posts on a single visit, but I'm a tech geek and viewing the comments inline is pretty neat.

Anyway, to get back to the technical difficulties, the problems dealt with publishing. Publishing itself is pretty straight-forward, but I've been noticing a delay between when I post and when I see the change. I've also noticed that by specifying the "index.html" page within the URL shows the changes immediately. I'm assuming that there is a lag in propagating the newly published information to the site. It's just annoying, and I'm wondering why there's a lag and how long it could be.

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