Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Freaky Name Recognition

Until recently, the name Michael has been consistently the number one name given to boys in the United States. So, it's not too surprising that I've run into a number of guys with whom I share a name. There was a guy in high school, two in college -- I was on the football team with one of them, and usually a couple in each company that I've worked for, which makes the email thing pretty interesting. On a side note, I've even mistakenly sent email to the other guys because I forgot to include my middle initial. There's a juggler named Michael Davis who has appeared on Saturday Night Live a couple of times (like 20 years ago). He used to juggle ping-pong balls with his mouth.

Anyway, I got started thinking about all this because a Chicago Tribune article about a potential increase in the GI Death Benefit begins with information about the family of Donald Davis, which happens to be my brother's name. A google search of "Michael Davis" "Morehouse College" brings up web sites documenting hazing incidents including the deaths of a Morehouse student and a student at another college named Michael Davis. It also brings up information on one of the guys who attended Morehouse at the same time I did.

It's just a little freaky.

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