Thursday, January 06, 2005

They keep on coming...

So, a couple of people were inspired. Well, they probably just hadn't realized how easy it is to blog these days, but now that they know, they're getting themselves out there.

My brother started a blog "Why teach in the Inner City?". He teaches at a high school on Chicago's South Side, and his first post is a good summary of his motivations for becoming a teacher, and some quick reflections on his first four years teaching.

A friend Michelle started one called: Bronzeville Blog. She lives in the Bronzeville area in Chicago, and I'm sure she'll keep us up to date on the dramatic changes going on there. The city has already removed some of the old projects, and new townhouses are going up. Her first post is about changes to McCormick Place.

If you hadn't already noticed, I added some links on the right to all these blogs, and to some other sites that I check regularly.

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Blogger Peace, Love, Joy, Hope said...

Michael: Once again you have forced your dear old mother to stretch her ability to deal with the modern world - and I thank you and love you for it! Signed: You Know Whom!

8:12 PM