Monday, March 24, 2008

Proof that I'm White

A friend of mine forwarded me the following site:

Stuff White People Like

I guess it's both funny and a little tragic that I recognize myself in a number of the items in that list. In particular, #8 Barack Obama, #14 Having Black Friends, #15 Yoga, #25 David Sedaris, #35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report, #38 Arrested Development, #39 Netflix, #44 Public Radio, #50 Irony, #61 Bicycles, #64 Recycling, #69 Mos Def, and #71 Being the Only White Person Around are the items that hit home the most. I would have to add Tivo to the list, but maybe they haven't gotten to it yet.

Of course, the convergences are really illustrative of the whole point. I heard about the movie Once on Public Radio, and then rented it with Netflix. Also, it's a little silly, but I've been reading The Daily Show and Philosophy, and when I bought that, I also bought The Simpsons and Philosophy. They're both just the kind of thing that a "White Person" would like to read.

However, there are some items in the list that give me hope. I'm definitely not into #17 Hating Their Parents, #23 Microbreweries, #26 Manhattan, #28 Not Having a TV, #30 Wrigley Field, #40 Apple Products, and a number of others that aren't significant enough to mention.

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