Thursday, November 04, 2004

Okay, it's not that bad...

Eric Zorn linked to this from his notebook. There's no need to start researching the hangman's knot, well...unless you're planning to go fishing. In the blog posting, James Wolcott alludes to _The Plot Against America_. I think I have something more to read. It reminds me somewhat of _Fatherland_, albeit from a more American standpoint.

I'm not going to panic, yet. Obviously, due to Rehnquist's illness, the President will be appointing at least one member to the Supreme Court, but there could be more in the next four years. As one blogger pointed out, the next four years will be squarely the responsibility of the current Republican administration. With a Republican House, Senate, and White House, they will be completely responsible for everything. There will be no blaming Clinton, or Democrats in Congress for preventing whatever initiatives they propose.

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