Thursday, March 03, 2005

Holly-Jolly reference

On his Chicago Tribune weblog, Eric Zorn was posting about words that are typed using just one hand on the QWERTY keyboard (when using all fingers to type, which I have to mention since my mother types with just two fingers). He elicited examples from his readers, and posted some of the responses including two words I offered: westward and holly-jolly.

Some other offerings from readers were a few paragraphs using a bunch of the one-handed words he listed in his original post. I didn't attempt that task, but what was submitted is pretty funny. You try to use killjoy, sweetbread, streetcars, pumpkin, lollipop, aftertaste, exacerbated, and exaggerated in one paragraph.

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Blogger Peace, Love, Joy, Hope said...

TWO FINGER MOM HERE - I use both exacerbated & exaggerated in sentences all the time, as in, "the client's Asthma was exacerbated and exaggerated by the cold weather"!

10:14 PM  
Blogger Michael M. Davis said...

Yeah, and if you can toss in killjoy, sweetbread, and streetcar, you may have something.

3:28 PM