Monday, July 25, 2005

"Bring It"

It's kind of fun to learn things about your kid. I've learned that my eight-year-old daughter is almost fearless. Last Saturday, we went to Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. I figured that my daughter might not want to go on some of the bigger roller coasters, and that her hesitancy could be a problem.

I had the situation figured all wrong. In fact, the biggest limiting factor was probably the length of the lines for some of the rides. Although, her height did prevent her from riding several roller coasters. She was about an inch or two shy of the height required for four rides, and she was very mad. During the line for a ride that she could get on, she was crying. Some people in the line in front of us asked if she was crying because she was scared, and we informed them that she was angry that she couldn't ride.

When we rode the Viper, she insisted on sitting in the first car. My wife rode with her, and told me that when they got to the top of the first hill, my daughter emphatically said: "Bring it!"

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