Thursday, September 15, 2005

Yawn, stretch, roll over

I guess I've taken what amounts to a nice European Holiday from this blog: six weeks without a post. I've done a little writing for this, but obviously nothing that made it to the blog. I have four posts that I started in August, but never got around to finishing. Hopefully, I'll get to them soon, and I have a few comments to post on the whole Katrina mess even though every possible angle is being turned over again and again. I just want to pull together some of the stream of interesting stories and opinion pieces that I've read over the past couple of weeks.

The title of this post was meant to reflect what cats and dogs do during a nap since that's essentially what I've been doing for the past several weeks. I would start a post, lose my train of thought or get busy doing something else, and then just "Save as Draft".

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Blogger Theresa said...

Yup. I've been doing the same thing. Although I was sick for about two weeks, so I was doing a lot of "Yawn, stretch, roll over" for real.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Ms.Reddlady C said...

yeap,I was do the same thing until I start working again I was just relaxing and being layed back.

3:38 PM